Alex featured on “Undermine” Phish Podcast hosted by Tom Marshall

Hey gang,

Very cool development here. Since August, as a fun aside, I have been cataloging the clothing that Phish has been wearing on the road. My Twitter handle is @PhishPhashion and you can check that out here. In just over three months I’ve managed to develop a fan base of over 2,000 people! Happy to have found a unique angle to take on a band I’ve loved for thirty years. 

Stemming from that comes my inclusion of the most recent episode of Undermine, a podcast hosted by Phish lyricist, Tom Marshall, written by Benjy Eisen. In the podcast, I talk about the Twitter page, but more importantly, I discuss what it’s like to be a Phish fan living in Japan, and how we watch the webcasts live the next morning as well as connecting with self-described “Japhans” here. 

Also, it’s extremely cool to hear my guitar playing in the background and Tom discussing the version of the Phish song “Free” that I performed with the Young at Heart Chorus (at around the 43-minute mark). You can see the whole video of that tune here.

Check out the full podcast below:

S2E9: Phish Without Borders

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the production and everyone involved in making it. Really well done and makes me smile to hear the stories from Phish fans all around the globe.