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Happy New Year! Bring On The Rock And/Or Roll.

Hi All,

Happy New Year to you! 

To those who are reading this I hope that this one is off to a good start. This part of the year is tough for a lot of folks (including myself at times). But music can connect us and heal us and bring good things about. That’s why we do what we do.

The band certainly had a wonderful 2018 as a band and want to thank those of you who came to a show, picked up our newest album “These Are The Days” or streamed it somewhere out there in the universe. If you did, we hope you liked what you heard. And if you really liked what you heard we hope you’ll share us with a friend or two. So thanks again for being part of the Colorway crew. It means the world to us. 

We have four shows this month that we’re really excited about and they are all completely free!!

Tonight, Thursday 1/3 we will be in Brattleboro, Vermont at the always enjoyable (and delicious) Whetstone Station. We will play a two-hour set (no break) beginning at 8:30. There will be incredible food available all night as well as their own handcrafted beer and plenty of NA options as well. It’s cozy, warm and easy to find. 

Tomorrow night, Friday, January 4, we will be making our maiden voyage to Fitchburg, Mass to play at a wonderful new and intimate venue, Strong Style Coffee. We will be the first of two trios on this bill. Following our set at 8pm will be Fitchburg’s own Warren Niles Potts and his band, Toboggan. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Niles’s music and we are all really looking forward to it. The show is free with a $5 suggested donation. There is food, beer, wine and, of course, strong style coffee available all night. 

If anyone reading this has friends in the North Central Mass area that might enjoy what we do we would love it if you’d forward this email or post link so they can come check us out. We’d love to make SSC a regular tour stop. 

Turning to the end of the month will see us playing at two of our very favorite places to play in the Commonwealth. 

Friday, January 25 we will be at Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton, MA on Cottage St. The night kicks off with a solo set by the estimable Ray Mason at 7pm followed by Colorway at 8 and we’ll play until 9:30. This show is free, as always. 

Saturday, January 26 we head east to TOAD Cambridge in Porter Square for a good ol’ hour and forty five minute set in one of the Boston area’s longest-running and best venues for live music. 

So throw these in your iCal or your Cal-cal or just put ’em on a Post-it Note and stick it on the fridge. The year is young and there’s already so much fun to be had. 

That said, we’ll be taking February off for the most part (I’ll be playing solo show at Fort Hill Brewery from 5-7 on 2/15) but as for band stuff that’s gonna be it until March so we really hope you can come to one of these shows and say hi. 

Speaking of March, the third month of this year is certainly looking up, with some special shows in the books (can you say Yardbirds-redux?). You can check out all the details on our tour dates page right here. 

I’ve been posting some short snippets on our Instagram page and our Facebook page. So if you don’t follow us there you may miss them. 

That’s pretty much it, gang. Just rocking and rolling in the new year for now. Doing this thing that we do and striving to make a connection. 

We thank you for being part of what we do and want you to know that we couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without your support.

See you at the shows!