Big Thanks To All Who Made Our Spring Tour A Success

Been back a week now and just wanted to thank everyone who made our most recent tour a success.

Silvana​ NYC and Drew Mrrattles d’Auguste​ as well as Gonzalo Silva, everyone at Crossroads RVA​ in Richmond, all the folks involved with Spittle Fest​/ Spittle Fest 2017​ in Raleigh: Temperance League​, PALEFACE​, Hank Sinatra​, Lutie Cain​ and Maldora​, Peter Holsapple​ and, of course, Jac Cain​. Thanks to Lisa Lewis​ for the hospitality. Next time we’ll get that hot donut, for sure. Props to The Electric Maid​ and Avoid DC, Syndicate 51​ and Bay Creatures​ for help with the gear and Lisa Missenda for the great photos. And a huge thank you to Will Timpson​ and fam for your hospitality. There’s more people I’m probably forgetting so please forgive me.

Oh yeah, thanks to the waitress at Big Ed’s Country Kitchen for sharing some fat back with us (a first) and not laughing *too* hard when I asked for soy milk for my coffee. The half and half was just fine. 🙂

And finally a big thank you to all the new fans we made along the way. We can’t do this without your support, so here’s to lots more rock coming your way. If you bought anything at the merch table, threw some money in the tip jar, signed up on the mailing list or even just came up and said hi after the show we thank you from the bottom of our heart right up to the top. Share us with your friends and keep track of us ’cause we’ll be back again for sure.

I think I can safely say on behalf of Matthew​ and Riley​ that we had a ton of fun seeing some new sights together and playing so many different rooms for you all.

So thanks again and we’ll see you out at the shows.

~Alex J

PS: You can see some photos from the tour right here. 

Colorway’s Second Album The Black Sky Sequined Turns Two!

Hi all,

Two years ago today Colorway’s second, full-length album, The Black Sky Sequined was released. You can see some pictures from the recording of it right here.











The two week process began in the middle of October of 2014 at Sonelab​ in Easthampton, Mass with Mark Alan Miller​ at the controls and me and J.J. O’Connell​ and Dave Hayes​ behind the drums and bass respectively.























The ten song album will always remind me of a special time in my life–gaining a better understanding of what this band means to me and what I hope it will mean to anyone who cares to let us in to their world, even for a few minutes. It’s different from the first album because before we went in to record the debut we had never really played out as a group. This second effort showcased how far we had come as a collective unit. I hear it in every note in every song.


I managed to recruit the bafflingly talented David Trenholm​ to score a horn section for the closer, “Telephone” and arranged for Tom Mahnken​, Nick Borges, Terry Nagel​ and, of course, Dave T to play the parts.











I was lucky enough to have some amazing artists grace the cover, namely Laura Nugent (for the front), Pietro Spica​ (for the back) and the incomparable Jodi Nicholas​ for the gatefold. And, of course, the ever present logo work of Tom Pappalardo​ who also did the layout of the album.

“The Black Sky Sequined” album cover (2015)














When it was ready to get pressed I got to check a big box off the list and was able to work with the legendary audio engineer, Bob Ludwig​ at Gateway Mastering​ in Portland, ME (I was sandwiched between sessions by Death Cab For Cutie and Mark Knopfler–wild world, eh?). This certainly fulfilled a lifelong goal of having his memorable name on one of my albums (check five albums in your collection. I’m willing to be he mastered three of them).













The vinyl was sent to Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios​ in Hollywood on Bob’s recommendation and was lovingly prepared for replication by another audio legend, Chris Bellman. To see his “CB” on the dead wax always makes me smile.

The album sold well and got some pretty stellar reviews which was nice to see. WRSI – 93.9 The River​ put “Come Back July” into its regular rotation and became a sort of theme song for those who pine for the heat here in New England through six months of cool, chill, cold, freeze and thaw. They still play it here and there and we’re all so lucky to have a AAA radio station that cares about its local heroes from their start all the way through their careers.

The great videographer Tom Adams​ at Reelife Productions​ produced a fantastic video that was shot right here in the valley and was fun to make and still fun to watch (it helps that July is only two months away). You can see it here.



Dave, JJ, and I went on the road for a bit in support of it and had some fun shows and met and reconnected with some great people from here to Raleigh, NC and back again.

The band evolved over that same time period for natural and understandable reasons.

And now–and for almost two years–I have had the pleasure of getting to know two amazing musicians Matthew Clegg​ (bass) and Riley Godleski​ (drums/vocals) who help bring my creations to life. We work well together and–though it’s a busy year for everyone–we’re planning to get back to work and put some of the new music down on record to share with the world sometime soon.

But this album will always remind me of one person who will forever hold the highest office–my mom, Judy. Because it was on the notebook page of the letters she wrote to all the people in her life that she wanted to leave a message to before she passed on that the words were written:

Then it began. Rockets. Stars. Flowers blooming.
The Black Sky Sequined.
Reds, yellows, blues, greens. Silver and gold.
Fireworks and the cheers of spectators.

And while she never expressly told me that this was a reference to my bursting onto the scene on May 9, 1970 I’m gonna go with that theory until another one comes along. 🙂














So thanks for all of you who have hopped on the Colorway train over the past five years. It’s been a thrill to play this music for you. Thanks for supporting our efforts, for buying our albums, for sharing our links, for coming to the shows and for just being you.

And Happy Birthday and Sto Lat to The Black Sky Sequined. May the music roll on and on and on . . .


PS: If you’ve made it this far I should probably tell you that in honor of the two year anniversary everything is on sale at the Colorway store. Check it out right here. 

Watch Colorway’s Sessions Set At The Valley Advocate Offices

Colorway is proud to share their short set of songs which were performed at the Valley Advocate’s offices in Northampton, MA. Presented in collaboration with Signature Sounds Recordings and NCTV. See more great artists at the Sessions home page right here (like the esteemed Ray Mason, as well as new groups like Eavesdrop Trio and Paper City Exile).

The first two tunes, “Love Is All Around You” and “Save Me” will be included on Colorway’s next release (date TBA).