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January Round-up In Glorious HD

Hi gang,

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you had a safe holiday and are somewhere warm if it’s cold and somewhere cool if it’s not. 

We had a great New Year’s Even show at the Parlor Room. Thanks to all longtime fans who came out and to the people who are new to the band. You can check out a clip of “Everybody Wants Me To Love You” from that show right here!

Warwick Town Hall was a great time, too! A great sounding room, top notch PA, a full house of fine dancing folk all combined to make for a fantastic night. Did I mention Beth’s Famous Kalua Mousse? Well, next time they have a Super Supper you’ll have to see for yourself. Make sure to check out their Corned Beef and Cabbage Night on Saturday, 3/18 when Shokazoba (featuring Matt and Riley on bass and drums) take the stage. 

Thanks to Alan Morgan for the pic. 

On top of all this we got the royal treatment in the offices of the Valley Advocate a couple of weeks ago and Northampton Community Television (in partnership with Signature Sounds) filmed a 25 minute set of ours in crystal clear HD with great sound and lighting.

You can watch that whole shebang by clicking right here. 

This all leads me to our big week of shows which I hope some of you can make it to.

Thursday night, 1/19 we will be making our first appearance The Middle East Corner in Cambridge, MA. The Corner is a 60 person capacity space that is as intimate as it gets. We will be playing from 10-10:45. It costs a whopping $5 and we’re happy to be opening for Somerville’s own funk rockers, The Slum Raisins. Should be a good time. The Facebook Event for that is right here. If you have friends in the Boston area and could share this with them that would be awesome. 

Friday, 1/19 sees me, Matt and Riley heading west again to rock out at Pauly’s Hotel in downtown Albany, NY. We had a great time at our last show there and we’re hoping this one will be even better. Facebook Event right here. This is a four band bill and we will be going on around 11pm. See the details below for the rest of the lineup.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, 1/22. Yes, if you’re not a Patriots or Steelers fan (ugh) you might want to know about this show. If you are more of a Colorway fan than a Patriots fan then you still might want to know about this amazing show. If you don’t care about football at all then you have no excuse to not be at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton when Colorway shares the stage with the one and only, Davy Knowles. Davy is a british guitar slinger who calls Chicago his home nowadays. Peter Frampton recently sang his praises by saying, “Davy already has a recognizable style. He’s definitely the gunslinger guitarist of the 21st century,’’ We’re really looking forward to this show and hope you can all make it there if you’re in the area. The show starts at 7pm sharp with a 30 minute set by Colorway. Facebook Event right over here. 

And lastly, to close out January we will be returning to NYC and hitting up a great corner bar famous for live music, The Sidewalk Cafe. Situated on the corner of Ave A and 6th St in the East Village this place will be overflowing with tunes on Saturday, January 28. Come see us play there at 10:15. Facebook event if you please. 

Well, that’s pretty much it for now. Plenty of stuff happening in February. You can see all about all our shows coming up by going right here to our shows page. 

I’ll have more to talk about next time around, including some details on our upcoming tour of the southeast as well as more spring shows (remember spring? It’s coming back and it’s gonna be awesome).

Thanks for reading this far and for supporting us in what we do. We can’t do this without you so thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

Rock on,