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Happy August! It’s throwback demo time: “Come Back July”

Some songs take hours, days or years to write and call “done.”

This song was a challenge for me to compose and record a tune in the last three hours (9pm-midnight) of the last day of July, honoring the month with all its beauty of flowers, sun, vegetables, warmth, fireworks and barbecues.

Not that August isn’t a great month, too, but as we move along through it and look ahead towards school (for some) and the end of vacation it’s just not the same as those awe-inspiring thirty one days of July.

As this song has been available for over a year now on Colorway’s second album, The Black Sky Sequined, I thought it was a good time to go back and give the demo a spin. I remember recording it in a delirious rush, recording whatever felt right to get to the next chord progression as the timer ticked away.

I’m extremely proud of the album it is on and am happy it seems to be a fan favorite when we play it live. But the demo has an immediacy on it that I can hear as I listen to it roll on.

Just as a note: I played guitar and bass on this and sang all the parts. The drum track is courtesy of Logic Pro and faithfully (and humbly) recreated by the one-and-only J.J. O’Connell. 🙂

Enjoy, and check out the studio version of this track at

Check out the whole album over at