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Colorway in the Valley Advocate

Here’s a great piece (our first bit of press) written by Gary Carra that ran in the Valley Advocate on 4/23/2013.


Nightcrawler: Color His World
F. Alex Johnson begins a new chapter in his sonic storybook with Colorway
By Gary Carra
April 23, 2013

Life. Love. Loss.

Each one is responsible for prompting countless musicians to put pen to paper since time immemorial. Stir the three together as Valley veteran F. Alex Johnson has done with his latest project, Colorway, however, and that’s one potent sonic cocktail indeed.

“I’ve been put through the proverbial mortal wringer over the last five years,” he confesses, “from losing my close family to cancer, parting ways with the Drunk Stuntmen, my band of 15 years… getting clean and sober, traveling the world with the Young@Heart Chorus.”

Joining Johnson on this highly personal audio odyssey are bassist David Hayes (best known for his popular Facebook page “The Weather Nut”), and Drunk Stuntmen on-again, off-again journeyman drummer J.J. O’Connell.

The fledgling trio is currently holed up at Sonelab Studios with esteemed engineer Mark Alan Miller recording tunes for the debut album they hope to release by late May.

A June 29 CD release party proper at the Iron Horse ( is also already set in ink.

“The songs are strong and the two guys I chose to share the stage and studio with will bring these stories to life in a new way,” Johnson revealed. “I’m breaking out the ‘61 Strat for a few, acoustic on the others, and I’m finding there really is no alley to hide in when you are in a trio. There’s no other feeling like it, even playing solo, which I’ve done. You’re out there with your guitar and two other guys have your back.”