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Big Changes Ahead

“And we move on, somehow . . . “

Hi all,

It is time for me to announces some major changes to the band that are coming up beginning next week.

We have a show this coming Wednesday, 7/29 at The Half Door in Hartford, CT that we’re pretty excited about. The Half Door is a great Irish bar/gastropub that is super supportive of original music and has hosted many Western Mass bands recently. Fancy Trash, Wishbone Zoe and The Sun Parade are just a few of the Pioneer Valley groups to have rocked out in their intimate confines.

The show starts at 10pm, it costs $2 and we’ll play two full sets.

But this will, sadly, be the final show of this band with our current rhythm section of Dave Hayes and J.J. O’Connell.

Dave, after long and careful thought, has decided to step down for personal reasons. His immediate goals are to spend his time and energy to focus on his own creative endeavors both musical and non-musical. He also has made it clear that he isn’t in the position of pursuing a life on the road, and I don’t blame him one bit. At this level it’s far from easy. But if I want to spread this music far and wide and get to that next level we need to be able to go out there and play where they don’t yet know our name, and that means being mobile. 

Speaking of life on the road, J.J. on the other hand, has been a very busy drummer and extremely mobile. He has returned to touring with valley singer/songwriter Heather Maloney. I am extremely happy for him to be getting such great work and I know how much of himself he put into Heather’s self-titled album. A quick look at Heather’s tour schedule and you can understand why I had to make the decision to seek somebody who could devote a bit more time to Colorway. 

And while I’m at it I’d like to give a big hand to Brian Marchese who filled in for J.J. during June. It was great to play with him again. Thanks to all who came out to see our shows with him.

That all said . . . 

I’d like you to give a warm welcome to bassist Matt Clegg and drummer Riley Godleski who I am currently working with. They are both amazing musicians and, surprisingly, people I have never actually played with before our most recent rehearsal. It’s a small valley, after all, and a bit musically incestuous. 

Currently they both play in the Afro-beat band Shokazoba. I’m hoping that with their talent and influences to expand our musical direction. Really looking forward to loosening up the rock-pop thing and adding some more adventurous and textural grooves to the set. 

Not to jump ahead too far in the season but you will all have an opportunity to check out the new lineup and see if we actually do sound any different when we play a free show at Northampton’s The Basement on Saturday, September 19.

Life is full of changes, this we learn as we live day by day. So I am happy for J.J. and his success with Heather just as I am happy Dave has made a decision to do what is best for him and focus on the life he has to live.

But my life is right here in these words on this page. I’m telling you what I know. I’ve put a hell of a lot of work into this project and I’m thrilled with where it’s gotten me. And I also know is that Colorway is not going to quit making music, recording music and performing music anytime soon.

So thank you for rolling along with these changes. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to make music with both of these guys. They’ve been a huge influence on me as a person as well as me as a musician. They are a big part of how and why the songs sound as they do as well as how the albums turned out and I’m proud of every last lyric, note and rest.

But we move on, as it were, and I can’t wait for the next chapter to start.

Hope you’ll follow along with us.

And on we go,


Final show with Dave and JJ. 

When: Wed. July 29
Where: The Half Door
270 Sisson Ave,
Hartford, CT 06105
Phone: (860) 232-7827
What time: 10pm-12:30am
How much: $2
Age: 21+

Fully stocked bar and great food available.


Remember, the new album is available at on CD and 180gram vinyl, as well as at for the digital download. But you can also pick it up an any one of these great Valley establishments. Support your local musician and support you local music store.

Turn it Up
5 Pleasant St
Northampton, MA

Platterpus Records
28 Cottage St
Easthampton, MA

Cup and Top Cafe (CD only)
1 North Maple St
Florence, MA

Wild Mutation Records
52 Main St Suite 6
Florence, MA

Mystery Train Records
178A North Pleasant St
Amherst, MA

“No music, no life.”